Bulk Material Discharge Hose


Bulk discharge Hose is to transfer bulk materials such as cement, sand, lime, fertilizer, etc. Multiply of high tensile cord work together with helix wire and anti static wire. Service life may vary because of the work conditions, hours of use and the medium. The cover resists wear, age and weather. Thus it’s ideal for all kinds of tunnel, roadway, caverns and others.

Bulk Material Hose Construction:

Tube: Black, smooth, synthetic rubber

Reinforce: High strength cord

Cover: Black, smooth (wrapped finish), synthetic rubber


Such softwall hose is to deliver dry cement, sand, gravel, etc. It’s durable with excellent rebound and wear ability.


-30℃(-22℉) to +70℃(+158℉)


● High wear proof tube

● Resist weather and ozone

● Light weight and flexible


Bulk Material Discharge Hose Specification



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