Composite Hose



Our composite hose can handle hydrocarbon, chemical and cryogenic fluids: utilizing multiple tight-wound component layers that create a very long and complex course for fluids. The unique manufacturing process assures the proper gauge and pitch of the inner and outer wires at all times. Our composite hose is rated for both positive pressure and full vacuum, it will not kink with ease of daily handling it will provide excellent service life and performance.

All of our mandrel manufactured composite hoses are built with many multiple wraps of both polar and non-polar thermoplastic films that contain the fluids and vapors inside the hose wall. The barrier layer in all our standard oil and chemical hoses prevents permeation by both polar fluids (like methanol) and non-polar liquids (like gasoline) from escaping the hose. The hose wall is then reinforced with bulk woven fabrics that help protect the films in the hose wall from mechanical damage. This provides you a composite hose with superb structure and heavy duty cover layers that do not deteriorate due to ozone, UV, oil or chemical attack; that maintains maximum strength, flexibility and durability.

Composite Hoses Application:

Composite hose, like other hose, provides the vital flexible connection to compensate for vibration, movement, or misalignment in a fluid transfer system. It can be used for delivery and/or suction of fuels, oils and lubricants on tank trucks, railcars or fixed deposits.

Composite Hoses Application

Composite Hoses Characteristic:

● 40% lighter than the rubber hose which has the same diameter and length.

● Excellent flexibility Good positive and negative pressure resistance

● Excellent corrosion resistance for chemical liquid medium

● Outstanding flame retardant property

● Anti-static Long-term durability

Composite Hose Specification

Note: Three capital letters are used for the composite hose. The first capital letter means the inner wire; the second capital letter

means the outer wire; the third letter means the carcass.

S—stainless steel 304/304L/316/316L   G—galvanized steel   E—Polypropylene   T— PTFE


Composite Hose-Specification

Note: 1. The maximum diameter of the camlock can reach 150(6”), other specifications are according to customers’ requirements.

2. The outer diameter changes with the inner diameter.

Composite Hose

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