Concrete Placement Hose 800PSI


Pouring concrete requires a substantial and heavy duty delivery hose with excellent wear resistance. Our concrete placement hose can withstand the heavy wear and high pressure involved in pouring concrete. It can also be used for both wet and dry delivery. The cover makes the hose flexible and resistant abrasive slurries. Smooth and controlled concrete flow eliminates splatter and boom bounce. Built-in nozzle has less weight at boom tip. Thus it’s easy to operate. Orientflex promise you all of our hoses have a 100% inspection before delivery. Besides, we will test all the factors such as size, weight and print. All these efforts are to offer you the best hose product.

Concrete Placement Hose Construction:

Tube: Black NR/SBR

Reinforce: Multiply of synthetic fabric or steel wires braiding

Cover: Black and smooth cloth impression, NR/SBR


Such material handling hose is to pump concrete and other abrasive mixtures such as plaster and wet cement at a pressure up to 800 psi.


-40℃ to +70℃(-40℉ to +158℉)


●High abrasion resistant tube

●Abrasion loss value: DIN53516 70±5mm3

●Weather and ozone resistant cover


Concrete Placement Hose 800 Psi Specification

Concrete Placement Hose

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