Concrete Placement Hose 85BAR / 1230PSI


Concrete Placement Hose is a heavy-duty hose uniquely formulated to pump concrete, plaster, shotcrete and grout. This wear resistant and heavy-wall hose has a wide variety of sizes and ends. It’s also known as plaster grout hose and mud hose. The hose assembly includes full-flow internally expanded joints. This joint prevents material build up around the inside hose shank and allows  higher shank retention and an increased work pressure rate. Large size hose assembly include true bore crimp couplings.


Tube: Black, smooth, wear resistant NR/SBR


2”-3”: two steel wire braiding

3 1/2”-6”: four layers steel cords

Cover: Black, smooth cloth impression, NR/SBR compound abrasion cover, resistant to abrasion, cutting, gouging and weather.


With special textile plies, it’s used for concrete placement at casting locations. It is used as end hose in the concrete pump lines. The hose withstands suction under cleaning operations.


-40℃ to +70℃(-40℉ to +158℉)


●High abrasion resistant tube

●Abrasion loss value: DIN53516 70±5mm3

●Weather and ozone resistant cover

●Designed for high kink resistance and perfect flow

Concrete Placement Hose 85bar1230psi Specification

Concrete Placement Hose

concrete hose

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