Highly Dense Cotton Braided PVC Spray Hose


Highly Dense Cotton Braided PVC Spray Hose is also called PVC spray hose, spray hose, high pressure spray hose, agricultural spray hose, agricultural chemical hose, sprayer hose, herbicides spray hose, pesticides spray hose, gas hose, LPG hose etc. Which is an ideal hose designed for high pressure spray or transfer of various fluids in agricultural applications.

Cotton Braided PVC Spray Hose Construction:

Tube: PVC, smooth

Reinforcement: high tensile cotton fibre braided

Cover: PVC, smooth or ribbed

Cotton Braided PVC Spray Hose Application:

The highly dense cotton braided hose is widely used in air compressor, high pressure washer and pneumatic tools, it is also used in civil construction and paint works, rock drilling machine, Jackhammer and so on. In agriculture, the high pressure pvc cotton braided spray hose is used for spraying of pesticide, fungicide, fertilizer solution.

Cotton Braided PVC Spray Hose Characteristic:

●Work under Max working pressure 60bar

● High adhesive strength between pvc and cotton fibre, no peeling

●Anti-abrasion and corrosion

●Lightweight, flexilbe and Non kink.

●Anti-aging, anti UV, long working life, more than 5 years.

Cotton Braided PVC Spray Hose Temperature: -10℃(-50℉) to 65℃(+150℉)



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