Food Suction And Delivery Hose


Food Suction And Delivery Hose is for food transfer which is flexible with a clean white FDA grade tube. The food grade EPDM tube is odorless and suitable for milk, juice, beer, wine, cosmetics and other foods. Its tube is made of a high-temp rubber that meets 3-A, USDA and FDA. It has a smooth bore that encourages max flow rates and inhibits bacterial growth. The cover is made of corrugated gray nitrile for flexibility and resistance to chemicals, heat, and aging. The hose is reinforced with multiple textile spirals and a dual wire helix. Thus it’s  flexible, high strength and kink resistance, and has a temperature range of -90 to +176 ℉. It can be used with a variety of coupling options.

Food Grade Hose Construction:

Tube: White, smooth, NR, NBR or EPDM food quality rubber

Reinforcement: Multi plies high strength synthetic fabric and helix wire

Cover: smooth(wrapped finish), synthetic rubber, blue or white, weather resistant.


FDA approved food hose designed for the delivery of foods such as milk, Juice, beer, edible oil, daily products etc.


-32℃ to 80℃(-90℉ to +176℉)


●FDA grade tube

●Weather and abrasion resistant cover

●Handling wide variety of food products

●Both smooth and corrugated cover are available

150PSI Specification:

Food Suction and delivery Hose 150Psi Specification

250PSI Specification:

Food Suction and delivery Hose 250Psi Specification

food suction hose application

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