Pressure Washer Hose is ideal for high pressure. While it’s built for water blast and clean even the dirtiest industrial surface. Pressure Washer Hose can withstand the heavy duty water pressure force. Besides, there will not be wear, crush or kink. This hose consists of a grey synthetic rubber cover, a nitrile rubber blend tube. While the temp capability reaches to 300˚ F and working pressures up to 3,000 psi. The quality of such hose on the market is quite different. Thus you have to choose a good pressure washer hose supplier. While Orientflex is such a reliable pressure washer hose supplier. We work on such hose since 2006. Besides, we constantly improve our tech and formula. All these efforts are to offer you the best hose.


Tube: Black oil resistant nitrile rubber.

Reinforce: 1 or 2 layers of high tensile steel wire braid

Cover: Black, abrasion and weather resistant synthetic rubber.


Pressure Washer Hose serves on hot and cold water high pressure washer where heavy duty service is required.

Temperature: -40℃ to +121℃(-40℉ to +250℉)


●Ozone and weather resistant

●Abrasion resistant cover

●Assembly available

Pressure Washer Hose

Pressure Washer Hose Specification

pressure washer hose

pressure washer hose test and loading

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