PVC Oxygen Hose


Gas Welding and cutting needs a flexible and rugged hose pipe for the flow of air-oxygen and a fuel gas like acetylene. We offer an alternative for a traditional rubber hose which is a flame retardant, oil resistant PVC Welding Hose. PVC oxygen hose is made from High Temp proof Plasticizers and blended with Flame Retardant additives with a desired dose of Nitrile Rubber.


Tube: PVC material

Reinforce: high tensile polyester or cotton braid

Cover: PVC, green, blue.


Such welding hose widely serves in welding machine, architeture and lacquer factory



●High tensile polyester reinforced

●Work under high pressure 300psi

●Strong peeling adhesion between fire and PVC

●light, flexible, non-kink, non-twist, UV, ozone and weather proof

●Can be used for jackhammer hoe

Temperature: -10℃(-50℉) to 65℃(+150℉)


PVC Oxygen Hose Specification

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