PVC Welding Hose


Twin Welding hose is also called twin hose tubing and PVC welding hose. It absorbs PVC material or PVC and rubber mixture. Compared with rubber hose, it is same or better at flexibility. But it is light in weight, more cost-effective and. The formula for oxygen & acetylene hose is almost the same as air hose. It has a high tensile filament reinforce. The two hoses connect side by side with each other to make a twin welding hose. What’s more, the hose resists corrosion and ozone. Oxygen & acetylene hose pipe is used for welding machine and lacquer factory.


Tube: PVC material

Reinforce: high tensile polyester or cotton braid

Cover: PVC, black, red, yellow, blue.



Being widely used in welding machine, architeture and lacquer factory


●High tensile polyester reinforced

●Work under high pressure 300psi

●Strong peeling adhesion between fire and PVC

●light, flexible, non-kink, non-twist, UV, ozone and weather resistant

●Can be used for jackhammer hoe

Temperature:  -10℃(-50℉) to 65℃(+150℉)


3 Layer Welding Hose

3 layer PVC twin welding hose specification

5 Layer Heavy Duty PVC Welding Hose

5 layer heavy duty PVC twin welding hose specification

Fully Cotton Braided Heavy Duty Welding Hose

Fully cotton braided heavy duty twin welding hose specification

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