Rubber Layflat Compressed Air Hose


Rubber Layflat Air Hose is an all synthetic, heavy duty layflat compressed air hose. The hose use high quality nitrile rubber which is extruded through the weave with an unified structure. External ribs offer further resistance to wear and ease of use. Besides, you don’t have to dry it up after use.
Such air hose has better wear resistance. Besides, it resists oil, fuel, chemical, ozone and weather. Thus it can work at wild. The unified structure offers a smooth inner wall. Thus there is low friction loss for a long service life. In addition,  you don’t need to maintain it often. And it’s easy to use and repair.
The Rubber Layflat Hose performs well at heavy duty and high wear place with a long service life. It’s also flexible and kink proof with very low twist. Because of these great properties, it’s suitable for various usages.


Inner and cover:

1. Nitrile rubber

2. TPR

Reinforce: polyester woven jacket


Layflat air hose is ideal for air compressor, rock drill, auto air line, air supply and so on.


Unique woven structure makes the hose resists kink and twist

Resist oil, weather and wear

Light in weight, flexible, easy to use and store



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