Sewer Jetting Hose


High Pressure sewer cleaning with high flow rates requires reliable and strong hoses that will not break or tear are all important to performing where often there is an immediate response needed. Sewer Jetter Hoses is constructed of rugged materials designed to handle the most severe and demanding conditions. Temperature ranges between -40 degrees to 122 degrees F permit good performance in diverse climates. All hoses are constructed of yellow polyolefin thermoplastic and are reinforced with a high tensile synthetic fiber. Abrasion resistant polyether cover is provided for maximum strength against cuts, abrasion, or even fungus. Hoses are 100% pressure tested and assembled. Ideal for truck and trailer mounted sewer jetters. A yellow polyolefin tube, single tensile synthetic fiber braid reinforcement and abrasion resistant polyether-urethane cover. Longer lengths available on request.

Sewer Jetting Hose Construction:

Inner Core: Neutral color seamless polyester tube

Reinforcement: one or two braids of high tensile synthetic fiber

Cover: High abrasion,mold and fungus resistant polyether- urethane .

Sewer Jetting Hose Application:

The sewer jetting hose is designed for use on high pressure sewer jetting equipment.

Sewer Jetting Hose Temperature:

-40 degrees F. to +122 degrees F.

(-40 degrees C. to +50 degrees C.)

Sewer Jetting Hose (Green) 4,000 PSl

Sewer Jetting Hose (Green)4,000 Psi Specification

Sewer Jetting Hose (Red) 5,000 PSl

Sewer Jetting Hose (Red) 5,000 Psi Specification

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