Silicone Fire Sleeve


Silicone Fire Sleeve is made from a dense glass fiberglass with a thick coating high temp silicone rubber. While it’s to protect hose, cable and wire harness from damage due to exposure to extreme heat, open flame and molten splash. Fibreglass Fire Sleeve also provides a high degree of insulation value. Thus it can protect hot, cold or cryogenic line and pipe from heat or cold loss. It also helps save energy and improve the wear ability. Because of the speical material,  the hose can bear extreme temp. What’s more, it will not burn even there was open fire.


The silicone sleeve is braided with high purity non-alkali fiberglass. Then coat with silicone resin.


Such protect sleeve mainly serves in steel smelt, non-ferrous metal smelt, power plant, shipyard and other places. While it’s to protect the cable, hose and pipe.


This casing pipe is made from glass fiber with a thick iron oxide red silica gel cover.

Fire and flame retardant, insulation, anti-aging.

Protect hose and line from molten metal, slag, welding splatter, spark.

Temperature: 260~300℃ (outside) 500~600℃ (inner)

Silicone Fire Sleeve Specification

silicone fire sleeve application


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