Suction Hose For Street Sweepers Compressible


This these are custom built vacuum hoses specifically designed for use on wide range of street sweepers. It is typically used in short lengths (24″ to 96″) extending to the street brush on the side of the truck. Commonly seen on original equipment, it offers the heavy duty characteristics of a material handling hose with the added flexibility more similar to a ducting hose. Service life of material handling hoses may vary depending on the operating conditions, hours of use, and the product being conveyed. Always rotate the hose regularly for even wear and inspect the tube for degradation before use.

Suction Hose For Street Sweepers Construction:

Tube: Black, corrugated SBR/NR rubber compound

Reinforcement: High strength synthetic plies with steel wire spirals

Cover: Black, corrugated, cloth impression SBR/NR rubber compound, abrasion and weather resistant

Suction Hose For Street Sweepers Application:

Suction hose for highly abrasion granulates and powders. Futher to the exceptional flexibility, it is also very compressible and ideal for unaligned manifolds. Used mostly on street sweepers and industrial cleaning machines.

Suction Hose For Street Sweepers Temperature: -40°F+158°F

Suction Hose For Street Sweepers Compressible Specification

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