Tank Truck Oil Hose 150PSI


Tank Truck Oil hose is designed for tank tanker, rail tanker, in-plant and oilfield loading operations to transfer gasoline, oil, ethanol blends and other petroleum based products up to 50% aromatic content. It is designed for pressure, gravity flow, or full-suction service. Working pressure is a vital factor when you select the right hose for your special applications.

Tank Truck Oil hose Construction:

Tube: Black, smooth nitrile rubber.

Reinforcement: High strength synthetic fabric and helix wire with anti-static wire

Cover: Black or red; smooth or corrugated; oil, fuel, and weather resistant synthetic rubber.

Tank Truck Oil hose Application:

Hardwall hose is designed for suction and delivery of a wide range of petroleum fuel with aromatic content up to 50% for tank trucks.

Tank Truck Oil hose Temperature: -32°C to +82°C (-90°F to +180°F)

Tank Truck Oil hose Characteristics:

●Weather and abrasion resistant cover

●Corrugated cover available, more flexible

●Light in weight, easy to handle

●Designed for aromatic content up to 50%

Tank Truck Oil Hose 150PSI

Tank Truck Oil Hose 150 Psi Specification

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