TPU Layflat Hose


TPU Layflat Hose is made from extruded TPU with excellent wear & tear property. While the reinforceis circular woven filament polyester yarn. The “extrusion through-the-weave” method gives a very strong bonding between cover and lining as well as firm the woven polyester. Its high quality TP makes it resist wear, goug and tear. It is also resistant to many chemicals. Besides, it’s light in weight as compared with rubber hoses. Thus it can be very long lengths as well as larger size. The reinforce weave ensures that the extension in hose length is min when the hose is pulled. Which also keeps “snaking” of the hose to a min.

TPU layflat hose production

TPU Layflat Hose Structure:

Inner and cover: TPU

Reinforce: Woven Polyester jacket


TPU Layflat Hose Application:

TPU is one of the greatest material in the new century. While TPU hose has been a great material in many places as follow.


In agriculture, the hose is to deliver large volume of water and manure in a long distance. TPU has excellent resistance to acid, alkali and corrosion. Thus no matter animal wast or chemical fertilizer, the hose can deal with it without any bad influence. In some cause, you can use it as a drag hose. So that you can do irrigation work or manure distribution work in a large area of land.

TPU hose for agriculture

Fire fighting

TPU hose is an ideal choice for attack fire hose. What’s more. It belongs to the high-end type of fire hose. As such hose, it has 3 advantages.

First, light in weight. Generally, the TPU thickness is 0.3mm, which is just 2/3 of rubber lining. Besides, the density of TPU is lower than rubber. Thus the weight is just 2/3 of rubber hose with the same diameter and length.

Second, high pressure resistant.
The burst pressure of rubber fire hose is just 3.9Mpa. But it’s 5.7Mpa of TPU hose. Thus TPU hose can bear higher pressure.

Last, excellent weather resistant. It can work at 80℃ for long term without any distortion. Besides, it remains flexible at low temperature. In addition, it has much better oil and wear resistance. It will almost not be corroded by the fuel oil. Therefore, it has already been the main fire hose in Japan and other developed countries in Europe and America. Even some people use it as garden hose.

TPU hose in fire fighting


In Africa, Russia and South America, some mine owner use the TPU hose as mineral hose. While they use it to deliver the wasted water and slurry.


In the rainy season, frequent rain will cause water gather in the city. While that will cause serious traffic and civil problems. On such occasion, the TPU lay flat hose will be the ideal choice for drainage. Because there will be abrasives and corrosives among the flood. While TPU can easily handle such problem.

TPU layflat hose loading


Resists oil and wear

Acid, alkali as well as corrosion resistant

Resists cold and anti small flow



Standard color black, other colors on request

Customized mark

Various joints

Other diameters on request

Standard length: 100m and 200m

Temperature: -55℃(-131℉) to 80℃(+176℉)


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