PVC Foil Bonded With Aluminium Foil Exhaust Duct Hose


PVC aluminium foil duct hose is a high quality air ducting hose which is ideal for air movement solutions. It is made by PVC foil bonded with aluminum and steel wire. This air duct hose with both PVC and aluminum body can handle both hot and cold temp with a range from -20℃ to +150℃. Besides, this PVC aluminum flex ducting hose is extremely flexible and compressible. So it is very easy to transport and store. The standard lengths is 10 meter, while the size ranges from 51mm to 406mm.This PVC aluminum air duct hose is ideal for air condition, duct work, ventilation, fansand blower and so on.


Wall: Aluminum foil laminated PVC film

Spiral: Steel wire


●Suction and blow duct hose for hot air and gas up to +150 °C

●Air condition and ventilation of fumes, high-temp and chemical gas

●Extraction of corrosive gas and fume

●Chemical plants

●Transfer hot and cold air

●Air condition


PVC Aluminium Foil Duct Features:

●High temp resistant

●Excellent resistance to chemicals

●Acid & alkali proof

●Highly flexible

●Small bend radius

Temperature:  -20℃ to +150℃


Inner Diameter: 2″-16″

Length: 10m/roll


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