SAE 100 R8 Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose is suitable for petroleum and water based hydraulic fluids at high pressure. It consists of three parts: tube, reinforce and cover. The tube absorbs high quality hydraulic fluids resistant pa. Thus it’s suitable to deliver hydraulic fluids. The reinforce absorbs synthetic fiber. While the cover is weather and hydraulic fluids resistant PU. Then, the hose has longer service life.

Aramid Fibre Braid Resin Hose SAE 100 R8

APPLICATION: Medium pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Exceeds SAE100 R8. For pneumatic or gaseous systems, use perforated (pin-pricked) hose.

INNER TUBE: Oil resistant seamless PA tube.

REINFORCEMENT: one or two layers of high tensile aramid fibre braid

COVER: Black and high abrasion resistant PU.

TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40℃ (-104 ℉ ) to +100℃(+212 ℉)

APPLICATION: Hydraulic hose SAE100 R8 can be used on paint machine

Standard: SAE100 R8


SAE 100 R8

SAE 100 R8

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