PVC Helix Duct Hose


PVC Helix Duct Hose has many advantages. First, it can bear the corrosion from harsh chemicals. Second, it bears the oxidation caused by moisture. It also resists crush. PVC Flexible Duct Hose with rigid PVC is ideal for a broad range of usages. While it’s ideal for moving ambient air, elevated temp and abrasives transfer. It’s also suitable for powder, chip, gravel, sand, cement, shaving,smoke, vapours and bulk material collection. Such duct hose is flexible and easy to carry. Thus it’s perfect for air circulation. We offer you sustom service which means you can ask for any size and length. Besides, you can ask for special printing and package methods.


Wall: Top grade PVC

Spiral: Rigid PVC


As suction and transfer hose suitable for gaseous medias such as vapors and smoke Liquid media.

Abrasive solids such as dusts, powders, chips and grains.

It is also ideal as ventilation hose for air condition and ventilation.

It often serves in industry like steel factory, food process, welding workshop and many other places.


1.Tear proof with rigid PVC helix.

2.Very abrasive.

3.Smooth interior

4.Flexible with light weight.

5.Comply to RoHS.

Temperature: -10℃ to 65℃


PU helix duct hose raw material

PVC helix duct hose package

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