Swimming Pool Hose, heavy duty structure designed to provide max flow and efficiency. Clear pipe with colored antichoc spiral reinforce can be used as pool vacuum hose or suction hose. Besides, it  is auto-float for pool clean works. Made from high quality EVA, it’s light in weight, flexible, crush proof and UV resistant. Virtually will not kink or pretzel. It resists atmospheric agents as well as a diverse number of chemical. With such hose, you can easily clean your pool. Because it’s light in weight and flexible, you can use and recycle it without so much effort. In another hand, the cleaner with the hose is not that heavy. Thus you can operate and do the clean work all by yourself.

Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose Structure:


Above Ground Pool Hoses Application:

As vacuum cleaner hose ideally for pool

Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose Features:

1.Highly flexible and floatable

2.Smooth interior

3.Crush proof structure

4.Gas and liquid tight

5.Small bend radius

6.Tear resistant

7.High tensile strength

8.Swivel cuffs rotates to eliminate kinks

9.Comply to RoHS

Temperature: -20℃ to +70℃ (Short time to 80℃)


swimming pool hose application


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