High pressure rubber hose

The pressure resistance among several rubber hoses

Different specs of steel wire rubber pipes can bear various pressure ranges. But how to make sure the pressure resistance of rubber hoses? In fact, we can judge based on the following aspects. The thickness of the inner layer of rubber hoses The thicker the inner rubber layer, the higher pressure it can bear. In…


The importance of a fire resistant sleeve in the fuel line

In the last piece, we learned the that there will be fire in the four-stroke airplane. While this makes it more important to protect your oil lines. In the early days of aviation, there were many problems caused by burning fuel in the fuel and oil lines. So people rebuild the hose protection standards. Today,…

sandblast hose

The composition of sandblast hose in the shipyard

Sandblast hose is a tool to remove rust, clean and roughen metal surfaces during ship build and repair. Its main function is to spray sand onto the metal surface through high pressure air. While this is to remove scale, rust and other impurities. Then it can create good surface conditions for painting, welding and other…

sand blast hose

The application and connection method of sand blast hose

Sand blast hose is also called material handling hose and wear resistant hose. Blasting hose is a kind of pipeline which widely serves in mining, tunnel and other fields. While it is mainly to transport mortar, concrete and others. Application of sand blast hose Construction In such projects, shot blast hose is mainly to transport…

food grade hose pipe

The popular food grade pipe on the market

In nowadays, people cares more and more about the food safety. While in the food factory, food grade pipe is one of the most used material. In general, the food hose is a flexible rubber hose. But in fact, there are many kinds of food hose. Then next, let me show you some types. Some…

PVC steel wire hose

The main application of steel wire spiral hose

The steel wire spiral hose consists an inner layer, a reinforce layer and an outer rubber layer. This structure makes the hose resist high pressure. Besides, the hose is flexible with a small bend radius. Compared with with other hoses, steel wire spiral hose can work at higher pressure. In addition, it can resist erosion…