PU Steel Wire Duct Hose

General materials of injection molding machine hose

Injection molding machine is one of the most used equipment. While the material handing hose on the machine is an important part. This hose is to deliver raw materials to the machine. Thus it should have high and stable performance. In fact, there are various materials for such hose. Let me introduce you some of…

Gas Hose

Different types of natural gas deliver hose

With the adjustment of my country’s energy structure, natural gas, as a clean and efficient energy, has been widely used in various fields. Natural gas delivery hose is a key component connecting natural gas equipment to the natural gas source. Its quality is directly related to household gas safety. Natural gas transmission hoses mainly include…

rubber hose for fuel line

Consider these factors to choose an oil tank truck hose

Tank truck delivery hose is a key component connecting tank trucks and refueling equipment. Its main function is to safely transport fuel from tank trucks to refueling equipment. It is necessary to ensure the safe transportation of fuel while also taking into account environmental protection performance. The following points need to be considered when selecting…

hydraulic hose assembly

Common hoses used in lifting equipment

Lift equipment is one of the most important machinery in industry. For example, in construction, we need to use lifter, hoist, jack, etc. These appliances are really important, especially in large project.   Metal Hose Metal hoses are mainly made of woven metal wires and have good compression, tensile and bending resistance. They are widely…

Hydraulic hose

How many hoses can be used in hydraulic engineering

There are many types of hoses used in water conservancy projects. While each has its own unique design and function. Among these hoses, the most used are three types as follow. Wire hose Steel wire hose is a flexible pipe with steel wire as the reinforce. Besides, the inner and outer layer are rubber or…

flexible washer hose

High pressure washer hose is widely used in environmental protection field

As an efficient and eco-friendly cleaning tool, high pressure washer hose plays an important role in industrial production, automobile and ship building. Besides, it also plays a pivotal role in environmental protection. Next I will introduce to you the advantages of pressure washer hose in the field of environmental protection. Efficiency Compared with traditional cleaning…