PVC steel wire hose

Notes On Steel Wire Hose Choose And Use

Transparent steel wire hose absorbs special material. Besides, there is a steel wire reinforce. Thus it has excellent properties as follow Wear and age proof Light in weight and flexible Excellent elasticity Low temp resistant While there is another hose made from PU. It has extremely high strength and long service life. Besides, the wear…

PVC air hose

High quality PVC pneumatic hose

You may use PVC pneumatic hose now.And you may start to choose it but in hesitation. Please follow me to know high quality PVC pneumatic hose Firstly, high quality means the hose made of 100% new PVC material. And the hose with high strength polyester and better flexibility. People may not tell the difference. But…

PVC Spray Hose

How much do you know about industrial pvc high pressure spray hose

Industrial hoses are very widely used, and there are many kinds. Among them, the PVC high pressure spray tube is one of them.Especially in the flammable and explosive dust suction industry, users are very satisfied with its effect. But how much do you know about the industrial pvc high pressure spray hoses? Let me give…

award ceremony

Orientflex Award Ceremony

Orientflex held the 2022 Award Ceremony on Jan 7th, 2023. All the members who perform well in the 12th PK activity get the award. Besides, the staff who perform well in the whole year get the award. Next let’s see what are these awards. First, awards in the 12th PK activity At the beginning of…

peristaltic hose

General Material For Peristaltic Pump Hose

Peristaltic hose is one of the necessary part for a peristaltic pump. While different usages require types of such hose. Then how many materials can used for such hose? And How to choose a proper hose? Let me introduce you next. Peristaltic pump has wide range of usages. While the the hose is to deliver…


Features Of Soft Rubber Joint

There are various pipes in our production and life. They are to transfer various things. But to make sure the safety and efficiency, the hose should be air tight during the work. In such case, the soft joint is really matter. Soft joint is one of the fittings. While what’s the feature? How to install…