PVC Steel Wire Hose Brief Introduction

In our daily life and production activity, hose is a necessary material. We need water hose for irrigation and fire fighting. And we need oil hose in oil explore and fuel station. While auto hoses are the important part in vehicles. For example, brake system and air condition. While there is another hoes that we…


LPG Hose Closely Concern Our Security

LPG hose is a necessary material for gas station and tanker. While the quality of such hose directly concern our security. Next let’s see what will happen with a bad hose. At the beginning of 21 century, a serious accident happened in a fertilizer factory in China. The hose which connect the liquid ammonia car…

PVC braided hose

PVC Reinforced Hose Tech Questions

PVC reinforced hose is also known as clear braided hose and reinforced PVC tubing. It’s a great and most used hose in our daily life. Such reinforced water hose can serve as garden hose. You can also use it to do some clean work like wash cars. Besides civil use, it’s a common material for…

PVC corrugated hose

PVC Corrugated Hose Is Better For House Decoration Than PE

PVC corrugated hose is a common material in construction. It’s made from PVC resin and mould by extrude. While it’s mainly to protect wires with in 2000V in industry. However, it becomes popular in house decoration and water system recent years. Next let me show you the great properties. Flame retardant PVC corrugated hose absorbs…

composite hose

Composite Hose Material And Anti-static Knowledge

Composite hose is a special material specially for chemical and petroleum. Because of the special usages, you may not be familiar with it. Thus let me introduce you next. Structure and application Composite hose consists of terminal, ferrule, 2 steel wires, multi PP layers and a PVC cover. Special material and structure make it resist…

hose camlock

Water Hose Camlock Installation

Camlock is a common hose fitting. In fact, it’s an important series same as clamp. It’s suitable for almost every hoses such as air hose, water hose and layflat hose. While this time let’s talk about the camlock install on water hose. How to install water hose camlock Actually, the install of water hose camlock…