Our Rubber Lined Fire Hose exceeds all NFPA 1961 standards. This hose has an EPDM tube and a double layer of 100% polyester woven jackets. The rubber lining is a single-ply extruded tube of EPDM to resist ozone. Double jacket refers to the second layer polyester covering woven from staple polyester yarn for better wear resistance.


Lining: EPDM

Cover: Polyester jacket

Orientflex offers you 2 kinds of rubber lined hose. One is EPDM lined hose and the other one is NBR lined hose. EPDM lined fire hose has better aging and weather resistance. While NBR lined fire hose has excellent oil and corrosion resistance.

Rubber Lined Fire Hose Application:

It’s mainly for fire fighting and other emergency to transfer water from a resource to the fire site. Because such fire hose can bear high pressure and high temp. Besides, the rubber lining helps prevent the kink and twist, which can cause water flow disrupted.

Besides fire fighting, such hose is ideal for many other usages.
First, forestry. With such a layflat hose, you can deliver large volume of water to the forest. Then you can do some irrigation and fire fighting work.

Second, agriculture. With a long fire hose, such as 100 meters, you can deliver water to the farm. It’s also an assistant for the spray irrigation. With such hose, you don’t have to use large number of water tanks. Because the hose can deliver water constantly.

fire fighting hose

Third, construction. It is ideal for dewater and pump works. For example, it can deliver water to the higher layers with a pump.

Fourth, mine. Some mine owners in Africa and Russia use the fire hose as slurry hose. Besides, they use it to deliver and discharge mineral water.

Last, civil use. You can use the layflat hose to water your plants, wash your car and fill your swimming pool. While in some countries like Canada, people use small size layflat hose as garden hose.

In general, rubber lined fire hose is ideal for the apps where need large volume of water.

Orientflex is an expert in fire fighting solutions. Besides fire hose, we offer you various fittings. Like American type, German type, Russian type, Canada type, etc.


Light weight, long service life

Resists ozone, low temp, oil and wear 

Working pressure: 8bar, 10bar, 13bar, 16bar, 20bar, 25bar


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