PU Lining Layflat Fire Hose


Polyurethane Fire Hose resists wear, age and corrosion. Besides, it has long life and strong adhesion. In addition, it’s light in weight and can work at cold weather with large flow. While it is widely used in mineral water delivery, fire fighting for building, fire engine, fire cabinet, ship, petrol and chemical. It’s also ideal for farm irrigation and garden use. Because of the great properties, Polyurethane fire hose is high end hose. In another hand, PU is a food grade material. Thus it can trasfer food and drinking water. 


Compared with other materials, PU has the unique advantage. First, the wear resistance is about 5 times of  rubber hose. Second, the chemical resistance is much more better than others. While the last, it can serve for food. Thus it’s a high-end hose.


Lining: PU

Reinforce: Polyester jacket


Municipal fire departments: PU-lined fire hoses are commonly used by municipal fire departments to extinguish fires in buildings, community, outdoor settings and other public places.

Industrial fire protection

PU lined fire hose is ideal for industrial settings. Such as chemical plant and oil refinery, where there is a high risk of fire.


It also serves in agriculture to water crops and to control fires that may occur in fields or forests.

Marine and offshore

PU fire hose widely serves on ships and offshore platforms to extinguish fire and to supply water for other apps.

Military and government

The hose in military and government agency is for fire prevent and disaster response.

Snow making

In ski resort, the hose is used to make snow. While in some business street or market, the merchant may use it to make snow. Then they can attract more customer.



PU lined fire hose is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. Thus they are suitable for use in harsh conditions.

Light in weight

PU lined fire hoses are lightweight and easy to handle, which makes them easier to use and transport.


PU fire hose is flexible, thus you can maneuver it easily around obstacles and through tight spaces.

Low friction loss

The smooth surface of the PU lining reduces friction loss. Then it helps improve the water flow rate and reduce pressure drop.

Chemical resistant

Such fire hose are highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals such as acid and alkali.

Heat resistant

Pu fire hose can work at a higher temp, which is up to 90℃. Thus there will not be degrading or melting.

Abrasion resistance

The PU lining provides excellent resistance to abrasion, which makes the hose more durable and longer-lasting.




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