Micro-Pressure Testing Hose


Micro-Pressure Testing Hose is used as connecting lines between the high pressure system unit and the measuring instruments, both for permanent connections as well as for sporadic checks.

Micro-Pressure Testing Hose is also used as connection elements in micro hydraulic systems. These hoses are equally used for venting jobs ( avoiding external leaks ) and for the extraction of fluid samples directly from actuator connection lines.

Micro-Pressure Testing Hose Construction:

Tube: PA

Cover: PA or PU

Micro-Pressure Testing Hose Reinforcement: Polyester Fiber or Kevlar (aramid) fibre.

Micro-Pressure Testing Hose Application: the nominal diameter of miniature high-pressure hose series HF are 2mm and 3mm. With a maximum working pressure 63Mpa, the miniature high-pressure hose is used in hydraulic systems for testing pressure and conducting the fluid medium. The miniature high-pressure hose assembly series HF is used in conjunction with the couplings.

Micro-Pressure Testing Hose Temperature: -40℃ (-104 ℉ ) to +121℃(+250 ℉)

Micro-Pressure Testing Hose Specifications: 



hydraulic hose

For rubber hose packing, we have plastic film, woven bag, carton box, etc. Customized package is supported.

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