PVC Duct Hose is a clear PVC wall duct hose.It has a reinforce with a PVC coated spring steel wire helix. It’s suitable for industrial air movement and fume control. This PVC makes the hose flexible with tight bendi property. Besides, it resists chemical and moisture well. In addition, the steel wire helix provides extra protect. As we know PVC is a great material. It is highly wear resistant and very durable. Thus it has a long service life. So as the PVC duct hose. What’s more, it has a steel wire inside the hose. Thus it has strong structure. In addition, the steel wire reinforce makes the hose can bear higher pressure. Besides, it protects the hose from external impact.


Wall: Soft PVC

Spiral: Steel wire PVC coated


Ideal for ventilation, industrial vacuum cleaner and granulate convey system.

As suction and transfer hose suitable for gaseous medias such as vapors and smoke Liquid medias. Small granules such as dusts, powders, etc.


●Highly flexible with light weight


●Could conduct the static with the steel wire

●Smooth interior

●Highly clear wall

●Small bend radius

●Comply to RoHS

Temperature:  -20℃(-70℉) to 70℃(+150℉)



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