Rubber Layflat Discharge Hose


The rubber layflat hose has an unique 3-ply nitrile rubber design. While the cover and liner are extruded and double vulcanize for a compact hose wall. However, the strength is in its 100% polyester fiber reinforce. Polyester is famous for its strength. But it also has the ability that when stretched, it can return to its original size and shape. Tightly woven and high strength polyester reinforce means a longer wear life and superior puncture resistance. The inner nitrile rubber tube makes the hose resist oil, chemical and other corrosives. While the TPR cover offers good wear ability. Thus you can drag it on the ground withou worry about the break.


Inner and cover:

1.Nitril rubber


Rinforce: polyester woven jacket


Lay flat rubber hose is ideal irrigation; water and dewater; drainage and pump discharge; Industry washdown, Limited oil and chemical application.


Unique woven structure resists kink and twist

Ribbed cover helps resist oil, weather and wear

Light in weight, less bulky, stores in less space than most rubber hoses

Temperature: -29℃ (-20℉) to 80℃(+176℉)


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