Rubber Covered Fire Hose Structure:

Inner and Cover:

1. Nitrile rubber

2. TPR

Reinforce: Polyester woven jacket

Generally, the normal fire hose just has 2 layers, the lining and the reinforce. However, rubber lined fire hose has 3 layers. Besides the 2 basic layers, it has a rubber cover which provides extra strength and wear resistance.

The reinforce is also special because it’s high strength polyester woven jacket. It has several advantages as follow.
1.High strength. The strength of polyester fibre is 2 times of cotton and 4 times of wool. Thus with such jacket, the hose will be strong and durable.
2.Elastic. The elasticity of polyester is as good as wool. While the crease resistance is better than other fibres.
3.Heat resistant. It can work at 70-100℃. While the heat resistance and stability are the best among the synthetic fibres.
4.Wear resistant. The wear resistance of polyester is just behind nylon, which is the second prize among the fibres.
5.Low water absorption. The moisture regain of polyester is low. Besides, it is insulated with low water absorption. Thus it’s the best material for fire fighting.

Rubber Covered Fire Hose Application:

Fire fighting
It’s a good material for water transfer and spray in fire fighting. Because it’s light in weight and flexible, the fire fighter can use it easily. Besides, it provides stable and reliable performance. With types of connectors, it can deal with kinds of fire.

The heavy duty hose is also ideal for factory like steel making and chemical. It can both deliver large volume water for production and prevent the fire. In addition, it can wash and cool the machines.

Firefighter hose

Such fire hose is also a great material for agriculture as irrigation fire hose. While the function is deliver water from a long distance or deliver animal waste from dairy and other farms. In addition, it can deliver manure and fertilizer because it can bear chemicals.

In some countries in Africa and South America, mine owners use it to supply water and discharge slurry and wasted water.


Resist high pressure, wear, ozone and kink

Long service life, light in weight and flexible

Easy to clean and maintain

No need drying after use

Color: red, yellow, black

Temperature: -29℃(-20℉) to 80℃(+176℉)

heavy-duty-rubber-covered-layflat-discharge-hose-specificationrubber layflat hose


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