Hybrid Air Hose 300PSI


Rubberized PVC Hybrid construction offers light weight of PVC and flexibility of rubber. Thus it has both the properties of rubber and PVC. Hybrid Air Hose is suitable for compressed air and common industrial water. It is an ideal choice for assembly lines workshops. It is widely used in automation equipment in which air is the main fluid. It’s also ideal for pneumatic tools, gas pipeline and lubrication to transport non-corrosive chemicals. To maintain a long service life, you’d better use it at rated work pressure as well as temp. Otherwise, it will reduce the service life and even cause burst.


Tube and cover: special blend of rubber and pvc

Reinforce: high tensile polyester braid



The hybrid air hose is widely used in pneumatic tools such as air compressor. It’s also ideal for automated air line, air supply, cleaning and construction equipment.

Hybria air hose


● Extreme all-weather flexibility

● Flexible even in sub-zero temp

● Max working pressure 300psi

● Excellent wear-resistant outer cover

● Light weight, flexible, non-kink, non-twist

● UV and ozone resistant, Anti-aging

● With 1/4 ” NPT fittings

Temperature: -30℃(-22℉) to 65℃(+150℉)

Hybria air hose3

Hybrid Air Hose specification

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