Nylon Fabric Hose Guard


Nylon Sleeve gives you tough hose protection in two ways. First, as per the ISO 6945 spec, nylon hose sleeve has an unique tubular weave nylon structure. And nylon protective sleeve is strong enough to bear greater than 50,000 abrasion cycles without wearing through the fabric at any location. In addition, this weave also gives an smooth interior wall. Thus it allows rubber hose move freely inside the sleeve. This makes the hose easy to install and prevents any internal abrasion problems. Nylon braided sleeve is available in either black or yellow and in sizes to fit most hydraulic hoses. It’s the quick and easy solution to hose protection in high-abrasion area.

Nylon Wire Sleeve Structure:

High tenacity multi-filament nylon


Nylon protective sleeve is mainly used for wear resistance and explosion proof hydraulic hose, oil rubber hose, the trachea and other pipe fitting. Especially suitable for work at the severe condition.


● This casing pipe is made with glass fiber and covered with thick iron oxide red silica gel.

● Fire resistant, flame retardant, insulation, anti-aging.

●Protect hoses and lines from molten metals, slag, welding splatter and sparks.

Temperature: -50℃ ( -122 ℉ ) to +190℃ (+375 ℉ )

Nylon Fabric Hose Guard Specification

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