PA6, PA12 Nylon Hose


Nylon tubing is resistant to solvent, alkali, oil, grease, petroleum, fungus and molds. PA hose also resists crush, wear and crack. Besides, it resists dilute mineral and organic acids. PA12 hose will not become brittle or swell because of water. And it is resistant to flexural fatigue, tube vibration and movement. And nylon tubing is light in weight with excellent bend radius and pressure.

Nylon hose is suitable for: compressed air, lubrication, flammable fluid lines, hydraulic lines and chemical fluid. It is resistant to moisture, salt water, sea water, age and light exposure. Ten through nylon tubes are used for aromatics, aliphatic solvents, oils and fuels. Besides, it can bear strong acid, alkali, and phenols. Transfer 40° soda, 40° carbonated water and -20 to 40° alcohol, water and oil.


Material: nylon


The PA air hose is to transfer compressed air, water, oil, chemical, etc.

Such nylon hose widely serves in light truck and car as air brake hose and power steering hose; forklift truck, loading care excavator, crane, ships, machinery and control system line; paint; high pressure liquid resin spraying pipe,air condition etc.


●PA hose has super mechanical strength

●excellent wear, oil and cold resistant

●The nylon air hose is high precision of inside and outside diameter. With various kinds of fittings.

●It is high resistant to oils and chemicals.

Temperature: -40℃(-104℉) to +121℃(+250℉)


PA hose package


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