PE Drip Tape With Flat Dripper


Flat Emitter Drip Tape is a flat, thin-wall hose and contains pre-spaced drip emitters. That expands when filled with water. Ideal for drip irrigation row crops. Like tomato, strawberry, melon, pepper, eggplant and more. It can install above or below ground or under mulch. The most efficient use of irrigation tape is with low flow drip emitters, closely spaced to achieve the desired wetting pattern. The hose requires special fittings for exclusive use. With such hose, you can save much water and labour cost. Besides, such scientific method helps increase the crop. It’s tested that the crop production can be 30% higher. Thus it’s a good choice. It’s also the reason that it’s popular in nowadays.


The PE drip irrigation tape is widely used in various drip irrigation projects. Like vegetable, flower, tea garden, fruit tree, economic tree and field economic crop in greenhouse.

Greenhouse: Cucumber, Strawberry, Tomato, Watermelon etc.

Land Cultivation: Tobacco, Ginseng, Pepper, etc.


●Roll packing design, easy to install and removal

●Wide range of spray patterns are for wide range of crops

●Low cost

●Save water and labor cost

Pe Drip Tape With Flat Dripper Specification

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