The Micro Spray Tape is also called multi-hole tape, spraying tape and micro spraying irrigation tape. We make many small holes on the pressed flat tape by laser.The tape with three ,five or more holes for each group is paved on the ground and the water will go up and down under the pressure.The tape with one or two hole is paved under the film is for irrigation.The micro spraying tape is also one of the water saving irrigation products.Due to different size and pressure,the spraying width range can be from 2m to 8m.


When irrigation by PE micro spray tape, it is similar to fin rain to moisten the crops. Spraying water with litter impact.And even without harming the crops. Especially, it can significantly reduce the humidity in the greenhouse and reduce the disease of crops. It is suitable for garden plants and filed crops.


● saving labor cost 50%-80%, saving water 40%-80%, saving fertilizer 50%, increase the crops 10%-30%.

●Using high quality raw material and anti UV ration, anti-aging.

●Anti-aging life more than 3 years, low working pressure, low energy consumption.

●Scientific hole layout design, smooth, high uniform spray,

●Flexible design, easy to recycle

●Uniform Irrigation increase crops.

●Easy to store and handle, easy to install and operate.


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