In the past years, the fuel station underground pipe mostly adopts steel. But with the time goes on, the steel pipe will be corroded. Then there will be leakage on the pipe. Once that happens, the oil will seriously pollute the soil and the ground water. Besides, the cost for steel pipe is very high. Thus in order to avoid such problems, a new composite hose comes to the stage. It has extremely high resistance to corrosion and will never rust. Thus it can perfectly replace the steel pipe. That is PEtrol Station HDPE pipe.

Petrol Station HDPE Pipe Structure:

Inner tube: HDPE

Reinforcement: 1 layer of barrier and 1 anti-static layer

Cover: HDPE

Temperature: -40℃-50℃

Standard: EN14125

Gas Station HDPE Pipe Application:

HDPE Petrol Pipe is specially designed for petrol station underground fuel line.

petrol station HDPE pipe application

Petrol Station HDPE Pipe Features:

Anti-static and safe for use

Long service life which could be over 20 years

Will never leak

Flexible, easy to transport and install

No need of anti-corrosion treatment

High pressure resistant


gas station HDPE pipe installation

Compared with traditional steel pipe, the petrol station HDPE pipe has many advantages as follow:

1. Non leakage and pressure resistant

Fuel station HDPE pipe has unique multi-layer structure. Besides, their are 2 adhesion layers inside the hose. Thus the multi layers can stick with each other tightly to be an entirety. Then the layers will never peel. So that there will never be leakage and swelling problem. So it can bear higher pressure than steel pipe. While it can work at 4 Mpa and 0.1 Mpa at vacuum.

2. Long service life

For traditional steel pipe, there should be a anti-corrosion treatment before install it. It can only serve 10 years in non-corrosion soil. But the HDPE pipe can serve over 20 years because of the stability. While the validity is almost the same with the petrol station. That’s to say you never have to change the pipe during the whole service life.

3. Anti-static and safe

The inner wall of HDPE petrol pipe is smooth. Thus when the oil pass through, it can reduce the static. Besides, the special structure can conduct the static. Thus it can prevent the static get together and release electricity. In a word, it’s safe enough for petrol pipework.