PVC Corrugated Suction Hose


PVC Corrugated Suction Hose is often seen on pumps in many places (not for food grade transfer). It is non of mark and light in weight. In addition, it can bear mild wear and chemicals. Besides, it’s easy to handle and often used in lighter duty places. The clear aspect of PVC Suction Hose makes you can see the medium clearly. While its smooth exterior and interior allow for max flow. This hose is not suitable to deliver fuels. It is also not FDA approved for potable water. Thus you should never use it to transfer food, juice and drinking water. But it’s an ideal hose for industry.

Structure: High quality pvc with rigid pvc helix

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The suction hose is designed for regular water supply and drainage. It’s to transfer various powders, particles and liquids. It is widely used in civil, building works, garden, forest, mine, ship and fishery.


Corrugated suction hose application


● Wear and chemical resistant

● Small bend radius

● Impact& crush resistant

● Corrugated rigid spiral helix reinforce

● Smooth inner tube for smooth medium flow

● Economical, flexible & lightweight for easy transport

Temperature: -10℃(-50℉) to 65℃(+150℉)


Heavy Duty:

Pvc Corrugated Suction Hose Heavy Duty Specification

Standared Duty:

Pvc Corrugated Suction Hose Standard Duty Specification

Light Duty:

Pvc Corrugated Suction Hose Light Duty Specification

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