EPDM Steam Hose


With a 10:1 safety factor, our high-temperature Steam Hose is designed for transferring steam for processing products and equipment cleaning. Our Steam Hose is constructed with an EPDM tube and braids of steel wire reinforcement. The EPDM cover provides external protection, resistance to high internal pressures and helps eliminate static charges. This high quality hose is rated for up to 250 psi working pressure and is built for saturated and super-heated steam services. Used in the chemical and petroleum industry, industrial cleaning equipment, ship building, lumber and pulp processing.

EPDM Steam Hose Construction:

Tube: Synthetic rubber EPDM

Reinforcement: high tensile wire braiding

Cover: Red or blue, pin pricked smooth (wrapped finish), EPDM rubber

EPDM Steam Hose Application:

The steam hose is used for the saturated steam in chemical industry, petroleum industry, shipbuilding industry

EPDM Steam Hose Characteristic:

● Excellent resistance to high temperature

● Weathering and ozoen resistance

● High abrasion resistant cover

● Anti aging, long service life

● High-strength steel wire steel braided reinforcement provides ease of use while maintaining flexibility.

● EPDM or oil-resistant steam hoses withstand dragging, scuffing and other abuse found in many applications

● 10:1 safety factor on select hoses (burst: working pressure) results in safer operation and longer hose life

Epdm Steam Hose 10bar/150psi 170℃ Specification:

EPDM STEAM HOSE 10BAR150PSI 170℃ Specification

Epdm Steam Hose 17bar/250psi 230℃ Specification:

EPDM STEAM HOSE 17BAR250PSI 230℃ Specification

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