Fuel Dispenser Pump Hose


Fuel Dispenser Hose is designed for dispensing fuel in petroleum pumps. The inner tube is made from nitrile rubber and is resistant to gasoline and petroleum. Apart from this, our suction pipe is suitable for kerosene, diesel, lubricant, petrol, oil and gas. It’s light in weight, which makes it easy to install as well as maintain. Moreover, fuel dispenser hose is abrasion proof, compact in size, easy to use, accurate in dimensions and withstand high pressure as well as temperature. It can be  different dimensions and finish. What’s more, we can produce based on your drawing and other demands. All of the hose is 100 inspected before delivery. While this is to make sure there is no problem on the hose.


Tube: Nitrile rubber, smooth

Reinforce: steel wire braid

Cover: Nitrile synthetic rubber, black, green, red, blue or yellow


Designed for general refueling equipment to convey aviation kerosene, gasoline, diesel oil and other mineral oil.

Temperature: -40°C to +121°C (-104°F to +250°F)


●Designed for fuel up to 50% aromatic content

●Weather and ozone resistant cover

●C/W coupling SHF


Fuel Dispenser Pump Hose Specification

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