Hot Tar and Asphalt Hose is a rugged high temp hose designed for transfer asphalt, tar, glues, wax as well as hot oils. The oil resistant rubber tube is formulated for abrasion and high temp resistance. It’s constructed with textile and wire reinforce to provide kink resistance. While the rubber cover is ozone and oil proof. 150 PSI version is available in some sizes for heavy duty usages. Our hose performs well in the asphalt transfer work. Because it is erally durable. Thus it can serve for long terms without any quality problem. As a result, it becomes the great material for industry use.


Tube: Black, smooth, special elastmoer compound.

Reinforcement: 2 or 4 layers of high tensile cord with steel wire helix and anti-static wires.

Cover: Black, wrapped finish, synthetic elastomer compound for high abrasion, ozone & weather resistance.


This hose is specially designed for conveying hot tar and asphalt.


-40℃(-22℉) to +180℃( +356℉)


●Tube is oil, abrasion and heat resistant

●Cover is resistant to weather and abrasion.

●Special tube is heat resistant up to 180℃

●All sizes are full vacuum

Hot Tar & Asphalt Suction Hose 150 Psi Specification

asphalt hose

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