Peristaltic Pump Hose


Peristaltic Pump Hose is fitted in a peristaltic pump – there the rotor with a number of rollers or shoes compresses the tubing and forces liquid or semi-liquid substances to move. Peristaltic pump tubing is made from extremely flexible rubber (natural rubber, NBR, CSM, EPDM, silicone and other), resistant to compression, friction with an adequate level of chemical resistance. They may be textile reinforced.

Peristaltic Pump Hose Construction:

Tube: Black and smooth rubber compound

Reinforcement: Multiply of heavy duty synthetic cord

Cover: Black synthetic rubber; Wrapped

Peristaltic Pump Hose Application:

The peristaltic pump hoses are specifically engineered for application on peristaltic pumps. It is designed and manufactured for long operational life and minimized cost.

Peristaltic Pump Hose Characteristic:

●Extremely durable; High abrasion, ozone & weather resistance.

●The lowest possible friction between the hose and roller

Peristaltic Pump Hose Temperature: -40℃ to +100℃

Peristaltic Pump Hose Specification

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