Plaster & Grout Hose 40BAR / 600PSI


Plaster & Grout Hose is used to conduct wet cement, plaster, grout, wet shotcrete and concrete. While it serves in building, dam, tunnel face, swimming pool or construction. It can also be used for material handling on drilling rigs. This is a rugged and durable hose that coupled with high quality, wear resistant permanent swage fittings. It is also used as a discharge hose on the delivery end of high pressure pumps. The service life of material handling hose may vary depend on the work condition, hours of use and themedium. Always rotate the hose regularly for even wear and inspect the tube for degradation before use. Special structure and unique product teck make our hose really durable. Thus it has a long service life.


Tube: NR/SBR.

Reinforcement: Four or six plies of synthetic textile with an antistatic wire.

Cover: NR/SBR, black and cloth impression.


Heavy duty plaster, grout or cement discharge hose. Easy to handle and kink resistant.


-40℃ to +70℃(-40℉ to +158℉)


●Ozone and weather resistant cover

●Excellent abrasion resistance.

●Variety of applications.

Plaster & Grout Hose 40bar600psi Specification

grout hose

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