High Pressure Spray Hose is also called PVC spray hose, agricultural spray hose and pesticides spray hose. It absorbs high tensile strength yarn and high quality pure tough PVC as materials. High pressure spray hose is ideal to transfer various fluids in farm.


Tube: PVC

Reinforce: 1 or 2 layers of high tensile strength polyester fibre.

Cover: PVC, Anti-UV and aging.


The hose is widely used in high pressure washer and pneumatic tools. While in agriculture, it’s to spray pesticide, fungicide and fertilizer solution.


●Tough PVC material

●High tensile polyester braid

●light weight, flexible, durable, anti-corrosion


Temperature: -10℃ (-50℉) to 65℃ (+150℉)

3 Layers Spray Hose


5 LayersSpray Hose


Fully Braided Spray Hose


High pressure spray hose

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Highly Dense Cotton Braided PVC Spray Hose