Rubber LPG / Propan / GAS Hose 300 PSI


LPG Gas Hose is also called  flexible LPG hose, LPG gas tubing and LPG rubber hose pipe. It’s an extremely durable transfer hose for LPG. It is suitable for the delivery gas. Used for commercial and domestic gas stoves, ovens and industrial equipment. This sturdy and flame-resistant gas stove tube pipe are made of premium quality rubber, which is durable and fit well for better protection.


Tube: Black, smooth, Nitrile rubber

Reinforce: High strength synthetic yarn braiding

Cover: orange/red/black, smooth, synthetic rubber NBR or chloroprene CR


For commercial and family gas cooker oven, the connection of gas system of industrial device. Mediums: LPG, CNG, CH4, etc.


-32℃ (-90 ℉ ) to 80℃(+176 ℉)


● Anti abrasion smooth cover

● Weather and ozone resistant cover

● Flexible, light in weight, less distortion

● Certification: ISO3821,EN559


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