Mining Slurry Hose


Mining Slurry Hose. Pure Gum Liner. Tough, rubber, versatile alternative to inflexible, cumbersome steel tubing. The easy handling and reusable quick-fastening flange system make installation a snap. Absorbs system vibration and saves wear on equipment. Compensates for thermal expansion and contraction, reduces noise. Flexible connection for hard piping misalignment. In mining and other highly abrasive applications, slurry hoses have internal linings to mitigate abrasive wear on the hose. Additionally, the main pipelines used in high abrasive pumping operations are also usually lined with rubber or other material to reduce wear.

Mining Slurry Hose Construction:

Tube: Black NR/SBR rubber compound.

Reinforcement: Multi ply synthetic fabric with wire helix.

Cover: Black NR/SBR corrugated abrasion and weather resistant.

Mining Slurry Hose Application:

Slurry hoses are designed primarily for handling abrasive and viscous slurries from mine and quarries. They can also be used for handling dry materials such as sand, gravel and grains. The external bolt on the flanges allow for easy installation and uninterrupted free flow.

Mining Slurry Hose Characteristic:

●Rugged Versatile alternative to inflexible steel piping system

●Absorb system vibration and saves wear on equipment.

●Can be cut to length and assembled on-site for immediate installation

●Split flange coupling

Mining Slurry Hose Temperature:

-40℃ to +82℃ (-40 ℉ to +180 ℉ )

Mining Slurry Hose Specification:

Mining Slurry Hose 150 Psi Specification

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