Rubber Twin Welding Hose 300PSI


Rubber Twin Welding Hose is a premium welding hose. Green hose is for oxyen while red hose for acetylene. It consists of heat resistant EPDM tube, 2 spiral polyester yarn reinforce and a smooth cover. Thus it’s more flexible than braid hose. Besides, it’s  easier to coil and handle. Hose assembly is available in 25 and 50 foot. It is suitable for most of the current fuel gases such as acetylene, propane and MAPP gas.


Tube: Black, smooth, synthetic rubber

Reinforce: High strength synthetic yarn braid

Cover: Blue/green/red, smooth, synthetic rubber


For welding, cutting and allied processes. It’s for oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon and fuel gases such as acetylene, natural gas, methane and propane available upon request.

Temperature: -32℃ (-90 ℉ ) to 80℃(+176 ℉)


● Anti abrasion smooth cover

● Weather and ozone resistant cover

● Flexible, light weight, less distortion


Rubber Twin Welding Hose 300 Psi Specification

fiber braided hydraulic hose

Twin Welding Hose

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