Aeration hose is ideal for most ponds and water features. It will keep pond airline tubing out of sight at the bottom of the pond without the use of weights. Thus it can improve water feature appearance and significantly saving time. Constructed of thick-walled, puncture resistant, extruded PVC, the tubing will not kink. Besides, it is flexible, even in cold weather. The smooth interior reduces friction to maximize airflow and reduce system pressure. UV-resistant, lead-free, fish-safe, and black in color to disguise it on the pond bottom. Such air hose has a 3/8″ inside diameter, 69″ outside diameter with a 2″ min bend radius. What’s more, it is rated for all temps.

Aeration Hose Construction: NR&PE compound


Outer diameter: 10-28mm

Wall thickness: 2mm above

The bubble diameter: 20-50um

Dynamic power: 02 / kw. Hr

The air flow: 3-12 cubic meters/HRM

Applicable water depth: 0-6 meters


To make the dissolved oxygen in the water reach higher amount and enhance the air density. Apply to aquaculture, sewage treatment, garden irrigation, greenhouse.


● Cold resistance(-40°C,8h)

● Tensile strength ≥2.2 Mpa

● Tensile elongation ≥130%


Aeration Hose

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